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To further enhance the effectiveness of MOTLive, we have included the ability for your customers to BOOK ONLINE!. This is available to MOT stations currently using our Virtual MOT Manager (VMM) Software. Included in this Software, which is already rolled out in Stations nationwide, is a revolutionary feature which allows your customers to book in real time directly into your MOT station's electronic diary. MOTLive gives preference to VMM Stations as they offer live MOT booking which we see as beneficial to the internet user.

The VMM product is explained below:

VMM personalised MOT garage websitePersonalised Website
The VMM system comes with a fully featured, customised, multi-page website or can very easily be incorporated into an existing one. Our designers will produce a website to match your requirements and because we have experience in running garages this can be achieved without taking up much of your time. The website includes our unique real-time MOT booking system which connects live to the VMM diary software.

Online Booking
VMM's online booking system has been responsible for and average turnover of £21,000 per station so far this year. The VMM online system allows you to reach new business and allows your customers, both existing and potential, to book an MOT directly into your diary via the booking system embedded into your website. This system allows your customers to see your live MOT availability 24/7.

VMM MOT Diary SoftwareVMM MOT Diary Software
As your day progresses VMM will constantly check automatically whether you have any new online bookings, all you have to do is ensure that your diary is kept up to date with any other offline bookings. The VMM software is fast to learn and as quick and easy as a paper diary to use. There is no chance of double bookings using the VMM system and you can fully manage all your bookings, testers and slots. Multiple testing classes are fully supported. All that is needed to use VMM is a standard PC and Broadband connection.

VMM MOT remindersMOT Reminders
Never miss an opportunity with VMM's reminder features. When you start VMM in the mornings it will automatically calculate all reminders that are due to be sent. SMS and Email reminders can be sent in seconds and fully personalised reminders can be sent straight to your printer, ready for posting.

VMM Facts

VMM has over 350 stations taking MOT bookings online. Currently our stations receive an average of around 1 booking (£40 approx), per day.
With VMM activation your listing on MOTLive will become a BOOK ONLINE! icon, which will allow MOTLive directory users direct access to your booking Diary (via your own website).

The websites of VMM users generally rank highly on Search engines. Check Google and see for yourself. Type in "MOT Lowestoft" and right there on page one is one of our newest customers, Colville Road Mot Centre and "MOT deptford" will give you one of our oldest customers; The Test Centre.

For more information see our website at or call +44 (0)1934 612386

More info on VMM MOT software

Leave us your name, email address and phone number and we will give you a call within 1 working day, to discuss the possibilites of VMM.

Alternatively please call us on 01934 612386 we'll be delighted to hear from you.

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"After one week with VMM, I would never go back"
- Chris Roberts (St. Austell Motor Group)

"An effortless way of keeping my customers happy"

- Ian Willis (The Test Centre, London)

"All my trade customers are now booking through VMM which is saving me several phone calls a day. They are finding the service very helpful as it allows them access to my booking diary 24/7"
- David Baglietto (Westcliff Test Centre, Essex)

"Best thing I ever bought"

- Colin Baker (HVRC, Hampshire)

"Since installing VMM in our MOT Station we have had nearly a 1000 (online) bookings in two years. That's a huge increase to our turnover!"

- Ray (Weston Auto Services, Somerset)